Prayer Requests

Some of these might seem unimportant to you but if it is a distraction for us because of a decision that has to be made then we might as well take it to the Lord in prayer so we can focus on Him and where He is already working…

  • a home for our indoor/outdoor cat “Blueberry”
  • where to store 3 twin mattress’, a tv, table, clothes, and our cars
  • staying healthy
  • what vaccinations to get
  • that we would pick up Luo and Swahili quickly
  • that the Lord would give us wisdom on how to help
  • that these 24 widows in Western Kenya would be left with an ability to provide for their family using the skills they have.
  • we don’t know what exactly our calling is but we are praying that the Lord would use us
  • Pray against attacks from the devil that would distract us from the reason why we are here
  • Pray for a doctor to volunteer a long day at this village so that we know how to help sick mamas and kids
  • Pray for Navydillan’s health and that he would continue to get stronger(He’s a 18 month old with cerebral palsy that frequently gets malaria and upper respiratory infections)

We thank you and praise you Lord for the way you are writing our lives.  You are an amazing author!  Our heavenly father continues to answer prayers and go before us and we give Him all the glory.


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