About Us


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We are a proud and loud family.  Joy is upon each of my kids’ faces.  We don’t plan ahead, rarely commit to anything, love to be with each other, adore our time at the beach or on the couch, are ready for adventure, and love people even if we are hermits sometimes.  For some reason, we felt the Lord urging us to pick up from Kauai and move our family to Kenya so we did it.  The first question people ask are “Are you missionaries?” and we say “no, we are Christians though. We are just going to learn another culture and show our kids how the majority of the world lives.”  We were blessed to live in Western Kenya for 9 months and made some amazing friendships and memories that will last us a lifetime.  When you fall in love with a place and people you seem to leave a bit of your heart there and no matter how much you try to not talk about it… the rich feelings seem to keep resurfacing simply because that   is    real   life.  No fluff in Kenya.  Not sure what is next for us but we eagerly await what the Lord has in store and welcome the adventure to do it all over again.


Live each day to the fullest.

Life is too short to be boring.

Change is good.

Live near the ocean. unless the Lord calls you to the desert

Keep your eyes focused on the Lord.                      All glory to Him!

Spew love to everyone.





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